A student of All Hallows Academy will develop a Catholic foundation by:

  • attending regularly scheduled liturgies
  • participating in daily religion class
  • participating in daily prayer
  • contributing to school-wide service and outreach projects
  • participating in the sacraments
  • demonstrating moral behavior

A student of All Hallows Academy will develop academic competency across the curriculum by:

  • following directions
  • articulating clear ideas
  • applying critical thinking skills through oral and written communication
  • using computers/technology to access information for research, word processing and publishing
  • demonstrating disciplined study habits
  • managing time effectively during school hours
  • participating in Fine Arts curriculum
  • completing and turning in assignments on time

A student of All Hallows Academy will be a responsible citizen by:

  • following established school rules
  • participating in Christian stewardship
  • demonstrating respect
  • participating in opportunities to develop leadership, make decisions, and accept consequences