A student of All Hallows Academy will:

Develop a Catholic foundation by:

  • making morally responsible decisions based on Gospel values which respect the feelings and perspectives of others
  • exhibiting reverence while participating in school liturgies, daily prayer activities, and religion class
  • modeling Catholic values and virtues
  • living out Jesus’s mission through service to others

Become a lifelong learner by:

  • taking responsibility for learning by seeking assistance when thinking critically and solving problems
  • utilizing technology responsibly
  • strengthening study skills through goal-setting

Become an effective communicator by:

  • using communication and social skills effectively to interact in a positive manner with students and teachers
  • making relevant contributions to class discussion
  • working productively with others

Become a responsible school/community citizen by:

  • contributing time and talent to the church and school community
  • following school rules and making responsible choices
  • striving to overcome challenges
  • demonstrating respectful behavior towards others