Mission Statement


All Hallows Academy is a faith-filled Catholic community celebrating the unique gifts of every child and inspiring compassionate leaders through spiritual formation, academic rigor, teamwork, and service to others. 

Vision Statement

All Hallows Academy serves as a vital component of the All Hallows Parish Community. We recognize that effective teaching and learning rests upon the recognition of the unique God-given talents and learning style of each individual. We maintain that the grade school years are vital for children to be exposed to a variety of opportunities in order to determine their own strength-based areas.

All Hallows Academy will be recognized nationally for academic excellence and differentiated instruction that allows students to find opportunities for success. We will promote critical thinking, teamwork, and ownership through compelling and challenging curriculum that builds on the fundamentals. Through stewardship modafinil and generic education, social justice teaching, creative and expressive arts, academic competitions, leadership training, technology integration, and community service projects, our commitment is to the growth and development of the whole person. The administration and staff’s commitment will be to a continual analysis and evaluation of the programming to make curricular decisions based on up to date educational best practices.

It is our intent to maintain the intimate, family-centered, small school setting. By the very nature of our size, we are able to know each individual child and family by name. We are enhanced by the collaborative relationship with our parents, surrounding Catholic schools, and entire Parish community. It is with this partnership that we can provide caring Christian formation and promote individual academic expectations to ensure the success of ALL our students.