Academy Admissions Policy

All Hallows Academy welcomes students regardless of race, color, or ethnic origin. While active members of All Hallows Parish have first preference for admission to the Academy, qualified students of other parishes and/or faiths are welcome to attend our school. We will also work to accommodate those challenged students capable of achieving a positive educational experience in our academic environment.

Please review the school’s application for additional admissions requirements.

Download our Admissions Form

As part of the application process, the student and parents will be interviewed by the Principal and/or a teacher. An assessment may be administered to determine the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. For their part, the parents must agree to support actively the spiritual and academic standards of the school.

New Students

Entering Kindergarten
A child who is five years of age by September 1 may be admitted into Kindergarten. As part of the application process, the student and parents will be interviewed by the Principal. Applications must be accompanied by a birth certificate, immunization records, and baptismal record, most report card and $250 application fee. Students must meet all public health requirements listed below. After the application is complete and all documents have been provided an assessment buy generic cialis no prescription will be scheduled. This assessment is required to assure readiness for the kindergarten program. After all application requirements are met and a decision has been made parents will be notified.

Transferring Students
Families seeking admission for children in grades 1-8 should complete and submit the application to begin the admissions process. This application can be picked up in the school office or downloaded from the link below, filled out and mailed into our office. Accompanied with the application should be the required documents. When the application is complete an assessment will be scheduled. An application will not be considered without records from previous school or schools. Please use the following link for a release of student records form. All Hallows Academy reserves the right to admit students on probationary basis with criteria of evaluation clearly established.

SEVIS Students
All Hallows Academy is a member of the Student Visitor Exchange Program, by which nonimmigrants whose primary reason for coming to the United States are to be students, through the Department of Homeland Security. This program facilitates and regulates student exchange programs. For more information, please visit their site.

Public Health Requirements

Students are required to meet the requirements of the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (AB2068). This law requires that all children who enter kindergarten and / or first grade present to the school a health certificate signed by a physician. The certificate must show that a child has received a health checkup or screening within one year prior to entry into the school.

California law requires that every child entering school for the first time present evidence that he / she has been protected against polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and measles. In addition, the State Health Department recommends that all children be immunized against rubella and mumps. No child will be admitted without up-to-date immunization records.

Entering K: 5 DTaP, 4 Polio, 3HepB, 2 MMR, 1Varicella
Entering 7th: 3DTaP, 1Tdapbooster, 4 Polio, 2 MMR, 1 Varicella

** For more information about these shots, the diseases that they prevent, and immunization requirements for child care and school, please call the County of San Diego Immunization Branch at 1-887-358-2966 or visit them here.